Thriving Special Families

How To Dissolve Your Worries And Stress

September 15, 2021 Crystal Sanford, M.Ed., M.A. CCC-SLP Season 2 Episode 12
Thriving Special Families
How To Dissolve Your Worries And Stress
Show Notes

Has stress and anxiety got you down? What will happen to my child this school year...will the IEP team ever listen to my concerns??? These are the thoughts of many parents/caregivers just like you. Learn how to dissolve your worries and stress with our guest Katie Nall, Ph.D.

 Katie Nall, Ph.D
Dr Nall is a Florida mathematician, a TEDx speaker, a professional member of National Speakers Association, and an Accredited Master Trainer and Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping. Dr. Nall shows how to dissolve WAFFLES – worries, anxiety, fear, frustration, lethargy, exhaustion, and STRESS! As a mother of three grown children, she experienced one child with chronic illness on 27 different medications – and gave over the medications to her child with an unsettling ending. In in a long-term institution of marriage, she has maintained her miserable skills in housekeeping and cooking with no desire for rehabilitation, and yet he stays (

Crystal Sanford, M.Ed.. M.A. CCC-SLP
Crystal is the owner and director of Sanford Autism Consulting
(​), a consulting practice offering IEP advocacy and parent
empowerment classes for fellow special needs families throughout the U.S. Crystal
specializes in supporting fellow families impacted by Autism, as well as other unique
challenges such as learning disabilities and ADHD. To learn more about IEP assistance
and help advocating for the special education your child deserves, contact Crystal at

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