Thriving Special Families

Your Autism Questions Answered

June 30, 2021 Crystal Sanford, M.Ed., M.A. CCC-SLP Season 1 Episode 33
Thriving Special Families
Your Autism Questions Answered
Show Notes

What questions do you have about Autism? Should you say "Person with autism" or "Autistic"? Why the puzzle piece to represent Autism? Join us LIVE to get your questions answered by J.R. Reed, public speaker, author, and neurodiversity advocate.

J.R. Reed
J.R is a self-advocate with Asperger's diagnosed late in life. He was out of high school for a decade before autism began being diagnosed in children, and, as he likes to say, he, "Grew Up Without a Spectrum To Be On." Now, J.R. advocates for others with autism and developmental disabilities along with his service dog and faithful companion, Tye

Crystal Sanford, M.Ed.. M.A. CCC-SLP
Crystal is the owner and director of Sanford Autism Consulting (​), a consulting practice offering IEP advocacy and parent empowerment classes for fellow special needs families throughout the U.S. Crystal specializes in supporting fellow families impacted by Autism, as well as other unique challenges such as learning disabilities and ADHD. To learn more about IEP assistance and help advocating for the special education your child deserves, contact Crystal at

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